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The interface

The interface consists, at the top to perform the basic actions:

  • home: back to the root page of the site
  • delete: deletes the current page
  • preview: disables the editing of the site and allows to see the site as it will be published
  • undo: cancels the last simple action
  • publish: publish content edit
  • info: displays the notes on the editorial and technical validation of the page.
  • edit mode: returns to the "edit mode"
  • edit user: edits the current user's data 
  • logout

On the left, there  are 4 separate areas in tabs:

  • Navigation: navigation of the site, it is possible to add a page at the bottom, the button "+" allows to add a page by letting the system choose the name of the page.
  • Commands: changes the template to access the properties of the page and execute the macros.
  • Content: Contains the list of components, ie the elements that can be placed on the page.
  • Resources: Accesses to static resources (image, file, sound ...) and place it on the page in "drag and drop ».
Javlo : interface d'├ędition du contenu (mode preview) - Enlarge the image
Javlo: content editing interface (preview mode)